Note of the first AGM – 23 November 2014

The first AGM of the Welsh Disabled Golf Associaton was held at Bryn Meadows on 23 November 2014. Whilst the full minutes of the AGM will be prepared in due course and presented to next year’s AGM the Committe wished to give something of a flavour of what went on to those who were unable to attend.

DSC_8957bAfter a short welcome by the Chairman those preent were welcomed to Bryn Meadows by Mr.Dave Pocock who detailed the progress on the Academy Course which was now being used, amongst other things, to train a group of disabled young people.

Then we got onto business which I will sumarise as best I can;

  • Treasurer’s Report – we are not broke. Whilst some events didn’t make as much as we might like, some of this was due to set-up costs for the Association doing some things for the first time.
  • Committee Elections – all the existing committee members sat down from their current positions but were then re-elected.
  • Membership & Insurance –
    • The Association would have a formal membership for 2015 which will cost £15 for Full Members.
    • This membership will include liability insurance but not insurance for golfing equipment.
    • The Committee were empowered to create discounted Memberships for Juniors and Students at appropriate rates.
    • No player will be allowed to join a golf day without proof of insurance. This may be through their membership number or showing the Secretary proof of insurance through some other means.
    • An Associate Membership was also created for non-playing Members who wished to show their support to the Association.
  • Fixtures/Courses for 2015 Season
    • Those present were given a preview of the potential dates/courses for the 2015 Season.
    • The Fixtures Secretary explained how he was trying to improve the quality of the courses we use without having to increase the Golf day fees.
    • There was agreement in the room that the nature of the courses for the previous year had been acceptable and that number of buggys and ability for players with mobility issues to walk the course remained important factors.
    • The Committee will release the full list of fixtures as soon as it can be confirmed – expected to be early January 2015
  • Internet things – Ian spoke about the website and Social Media channels which were now being used to promote the Association including some facts and figures on how many people these techniques were now reaching.
  • International match – following an exchange of views from various members the overall consensus amongst all present was that an international fixture against the English Disabled Golf Society should be arranged by the committee for 2015.
  • Race to Wales 2015 – This competition would again be held over the season in 2015 but the committee were left to make tweaks to the current points system which will be published prior to the start of the season taking the comments made into account.
  • Raising Funds – All were asked to look for good fund raising opportunities to allow the society to maintain the low cost of golfing days and look at other ways to increase participation by disabled people in Golf across Wales.
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