New rules – Race to Wales 2015

Players should be aware that the Race to Wales will have a new scoring system for the 2015 season. Following feedback on previous years at the AGM, the committee are currently considering what these rule changes should be.

A full set of rules and the scoring system for 2015 will be published on the website prior to the start of the 2015 season.

The committee are aiming to publish a full fixture list including dates for the Race to Wales early in January 2015.

Note of the first AGM – 23 November 2014

The first AGM of the Welsh Disabled Golf Associaton was held at Bryn Meadows on 23 November 2014. Whilst the full minutes of the AGM will be prepared in due course and presented to next year’s AGM the Committe wished to give something of a flavour of what went on to those who were unable to attend.

DSC_8957bAfter a short welcome by the Chairman those preent were welcomed to Bryn Meadows by Mr.Dave Pocock who detailed the progress on the Academy Course which was now being used, amongst other things, to train a group of disabled young people.

Then we got onto business which I will sumarise as best I can; Continue reading