Race to Wales 2014 – Winner – Mike Overton

Photo of Mike Overton

Race to Wales 2014 – Winner Mike Overton

The Race to Wales tour in 2014 got off to a very cold start at Abergele Golf Club in North Wales, where a small field of 6 players took part. Michael Wallace took top spot with Keith Wallace closely behind in second place and Mike Overton in third. The next event was back down south at Wernddu golf club with Douglas Camani winning and 2013’s RTW winner Jordan Rosser taking second spot, which put both of these players closely behind Michael Wallace in the overall Race to Wales points.  Michael finished in 5th place, also taking some points away from this event. Continue reading

Wales Disabled Open 2014 – Winner – Brendan Salvin

Wales Disabled Open – Bryn Meadows 18 August 2014

Winner – Brendan Salvin

The second Welsh Disabled golf open was held at Bryn Meadows 18 August 2014, which was attended by 23 disabled golfers from all parts of Britain. The overall winner was Brendan Salvin with a score of 37 points. Continue reading

Brian Mayo Memorial Cup 2014 – Winner – Tony Davies

Brian Mayo Memorial Cup – Bryn Meadows 16 June 2014

Winner – Tony Davies

The first Brian Mayo Memorial Cup working in partnership with Bryn Meadows, Welsh Disabled Golf Association and Disability Sport Wales was held at Bryn Meadows Golf Club on 16 June 2014. 21 Players from all parts of Britain attended the event, the overall winner was Tony Davies with a score of 37 points . Continue reading

Wales Disabled Open 2013 – Rhondda Golf Club

Wales Disabled Open 2013 Winner – Adrian Styles

The first Wales Disabled Open was held at Rhondda Golf Club 15 August 2013, on a very wet day in August it was attended by 18 players from all parts of Wales and England. Continue reading

Inaugural ‘Race To Wales’ 2013 tour winner – Jordan Rosser

Jordoan-RosserJordan Rosser has become the first recipient of the 2013 ‘Race To Wales’ Trophy. Through his consistent play, determination and hard work, this young man has shown what a exiting talent he’s become on the tour. Congratulations Jordon! Continue reading